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Jessica M. - New York, NY

My son kicks a lot when he sleeps so this blanket really helps him sleep comfortably giving him the freedom to move his legs around. I've been looking for something like this for a while.  So glad I finally found it and loving it!

Samantha L. - Hoboken, NJ
After my daughter started walking, I was worried she would fall walking in her old blanket because it was zipped up all around. I never felt comfortable letting her sleep with that in case she would get out of her bed. Now that I found mini mumu's blanket, the opening at the bottom is great for her to safely get around while wearing the blanket. It's also so easy to put on and take off.

Lily R. - Easton, PA
We tried several wearable blankets before and this one is the only one that we can manage to put on our son. He doesn't fuss because we're able to put it on him much quicker. This truly made our lives so much easier! And we sleep better knowing he can't kick his blankets off anymore .