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Here are some of the questions many of our customers and retailers have asked.

We hope they will help you understand our products better.

Is the wearable blanket suitable for infants?

Yes, but only for 6 months and older. We recommend waiting until 6 months after the infant is transitioned out of a swaddle and after he/she is able to roll over.

Why doesn't the blanket reach my toddler's feet?

The wearable blanket is designed to promote mobility so your child can continue being active and playful while staying warm. Depending on your child's height, the length may be slightly above the feet and ankles.

How warm is the blanket?

It is suggested for indoor temperatures around 61-68°F.

Do you use flame retardant?

Safety is our number one concern and we do not use flame retardant on our products. Our products have been tested and meet CPSIA requirements.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Sorry, not at the moment.

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes, please contact us at for more information.

What is the size of the packaging?

Length = 9.3"  Width = 1"  Height = 9.3" (has a hook on top)